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Pharmacists, pharmaceuticals, pharmacy attendants…

As medical providers here at the Clinic, you carry the ultimate responsibility to assure that any medication dispensed to your patient is exactly what you ordered.  There may be a pharmacy attendant in the medication room, or even a pharmacist, but if the patient gets the wrong medication, or if the instructions are incorrect, guess who’s to blame?

Here are the following steps you can take to assure that problems don’t occur:

1.  Make sure that you, and not someone serving in the medication room, are ordering your own meds.

2.  If the medication room attendant tells you that they need you to reorder the medication for any reason, don’t ask them to do it for you.  Do it yourself, following their instructions.

3.  Don’t let anyone else hand the medications to the patient.

4.  Check both the medication bottle and the label to make sure it is the medication you ordered.

5.  Instruct the patient yourself in the administration of the medication.

6.  After instructing the patient, ask them to now tell you how they are going to take the medication.

Hey, there is a reason that it takes retail pharmacies a half hour or more to fill prescriptions! It is a complex, but valuable process. Please let me know if you need clarification here.


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