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Healing in the Neighborhood

Thanks for taking a few moments to check in on our new blog! My hope is to bring the TNCC doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants together to discuss how we care for patients at the Clinic. I plan to introduce updates that you should be aware of, and to generate discussion regarding strategies for medical and spiritual care at the clinic.

Allow me to introduce a few guidelines. The majority of those involved in the work of the clinic are brothers and sisters in Christ who care deeply about the healthcare needs of the poor. Please honor everyone’s efforts, and take great care to use language that likewise honors these efforts. My limited experience with even Christian blogs on the internet has been discouraging to me in the type of language that people are using against each other. See yourselves as speaking face to face with each other, with Christ himself overseeing the conversation. Let us know your name if you choose to respond to a post. If we don’t see a name attached to a response, we’ll ignore the post and assume that it was entered by someone outside our group.

Remember confidentiality. For the purpose of engaging more people in the discussions, we’ve chosen to bypass the option to require usernames and passwords. This information is basically public. If this plan fails, we have the option to add passwords at a later date.

Thanks for your interest!
Paul Lorentsen
Medical Director

4 responses to “Healing in the Neighborhood”

  1. George Griggs says:

    In the four years that I have been working as a volunteer physician, I have grown to really love the wonderful people who are the patients we care for. It seems to me that they are much more open to spiritual discussions than those I saw in a Scottsdale private practice. Those who are materially poor seem to be much richer spiritually. I offer to pray with virtually every patient. I usually pray primarily for their physical needs unless the patient brings up something else which happens occasionally. I don't often explore their personal commitment to Christ unless they express interest, although the language barrier makes it difficult for me to assess that.
    I'm looking forward to this blog as I'm interested in the experience of others, but don't often discuss these issues with other volunteer physicians.

  2. Paul Lorentsen says:

    I also would love to hear about the experiences people are having in regards to spiritual care. What techniques have people used to gain an understanding of the spiritual health of their patients? Is prayer part of your routine care of patients, either here or at your own practices?

  3. Tyson Lahti says:

    The questions I try to begin asking to introduce spirituality are things like: "How is your relationship with the Lord?" "Do you go to a church in the area?" "What is your faith background?" Responses range from simple, not forthcoming answers,"good" and "we are going to church weekly," to in depth and emotional answers such as spiritual concerns witih children and spouses, depression and anxiety, etc. I will use prayer every time and depending on the situation, give out spiritual cards, give encouragement regarding the Lord's promises.

    I would be interested to hear how others start and develop faith conversation to help me develop my own discussions about faith with patients.

    Great idea with the blog!

  4. Mary Jo Kutler says:

    I usually ask patients what their faith background is. I will also ask if they attend a church. Typically I do this over many appointments, a little at a time depending upon the time. Often the spirituality issues come up in my practice when dealing with divorce, behavioral or psych issues. I am a general pediatrician with a lot of troubled teens in my practice. I pray with my patients frequently as part of my routine care, but not at every visit every day. Interestingly, since I started this 15 years ago, I now have a few patients who ask if they can pray for me! This is something so special and I value it because it is wonderful to be on the 'receiving' end during a busy day when you are giving, giving, giving.

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