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Goodbye to Emily

Today is the day we say goodbye to Emily Snavely, our staff nurse practitioner who has blessed this community for the past 3 years.  It will be difficult for those of us who are here daily to not have her laboring alongside us, with her servant heart and warm smile.  As volunteers, she probably helped you find a medication in the pharmacy, helped you figure out how to get a certain test done, or supplied a Spanish word that escaped you.

Emily moves on to serve in a similar capacity here in Phoenix with Native Health.  We believe she will be a light in her new role as well, and we hope to see her here periodically as a volunteer.  Please lift her up in prayer today!  Feel free to respond with any parting words of blessing you may have for her.

5 responses to “Goodbye to Emily”

  1. Sara LeStourgeon says:

    Emily, May God bless you in your new place of service. Thank you for your kindness and helpfulness. You are in my prayers.

  2. Derinda Charllis says:

    Thank you for all the help you have given me as I got used to the system at TNCC. I will miss you but may God bless you in your new endeavor with the Native Health System. I know that you will continue to bless your patients!
    Dr. Rindy

  3. Martha Carey-Lee says:

    Emily, every day I volunteered with you was a bright spot in my day. You are always steady and loving no matter whether the computers are working or not :). Bless you for all you did at TNCC. And yes, I need to come volunteer more.

  4. Tyson Lahti says:


    May God bless the work he has for you at Native Health and may the patients may see the Lord through your care. It was great working with you at TNCC; I hope our paths cross again in the near future.

    Tyson Lahti

  5. Colette Toronto says:

    Emily, Good luck on your new position! TNCC will miss you! Keep in touch and God Bless!

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